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As the name suggests I'm totally addicted to photoshop! i spend a lot more time on it than i probably should :p and the product of that is what's posted in this journal! I'm not much of a blogger, primarily because I think ramblings about my mundane life would put everyone to sleep ;) so my LJ is basically my art journal (which isn't necessarily all that great either but i hear practice makes perfect and i've decided to test that theory out! =D ) with some random movie ramblings thrown in! Most of the graphics that I have done are related to my 2 main obsessions: tennis and the tv show House M.D. but i do plan on working on icons etc for other fandoms that i like. So feel free to browse the entries and if you happen to see anything you like you're welcome to leave a comment, friend the journal or even make a request :) oh and of course take whatever you fancy - with credit and without hotlinking though please! :)


-Credit if taking
-Please Do not Hotlink
-Textless are not bases, Please Do Not Edit
-Comments are love! it would make my day if you left one even if you don't take something :)


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